• Aimee Wells

Your property manager is worth more than a cup of coffee and a muffin!

Your property manager is worth more than a cup of coffee and a muffin! Our role is to ensure we are maximising your return and creating capital wealth.

As property managers, we don't just collect the rent and do inspections, there is a lot more involved to our role.

We find it most common among property management departments, where prospective landlords are continually asking for a reduction in the management fees, down to as low as the 5.5%. if the property was worth $250 per week the commission on that property is as low as $13.00, does that mean the property management department who are looking after your most valuable asset are only worth a cup of coffee and a muffin per week?

We are responsible for so many aspects of your property, here are just some of the aspects we do at C&K Property Management for example:

- collecting rent - conducting routine inspections - organising maintenance  - rent reviews - preventative maintenance  - video routine reports - monthly drive by inspections, making certain tenants are keeping the property in a clean and tidy manner - quarterly sale and rental appraisals - weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments to owners - mediator between tenant and landlord situations - ensuring landlord insurance is paid and up to date - organising tax depreciation reports  - attending to any rent arrears

Your investment property is one of your biggest assets, in order for it to be managed well you need to pay your property manager well.

Think about how much your accountant will charge you or a lawyer for their services, they offer a highly regarded and respected service and we as property managers are no different, we could be managing your asset valued between $100,000 - $800,000 plus, and this is worth more than a cup of coffee and a muffin per week.

So next time your wanting to ask for a reduced fee, think about exactly what a property manager will do and how much are you willing to pay them to manage your financial future.

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