• Aimee Wells

Tenant Tip - When vacating a property.

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

It’s time to hand the keys can request to meet the agent at the property whilst they conduct their exit report or you can hand keys back and wait for the report and items to be notified back to you if any. 

The agent is to check the property within 48 hours of handing keys back unless otherwise specified. 

You should be provided with a detailed list of items needing attention and coloured photos as evidence. You have the option to complete these items yourself or instruct the required work to be done on behalf. 

The agent may give you the chance to rectify before they proceed organising the work themselves. 

Ensure you follow all instructions from your landlord or agent when it comes to the cleaning checklist and paying all rent owing. This will help the process for a faster vacate and getting your bond refund sooner. Also a quick note, refer to your entry report on how the property was presented to you, you will then be aware of the expectations on how you need to return the property.

Any questions just ask us at C&K property. For our follow on tip, stay tuned.

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