• Aimee Wells

Random Act of Kindness #blanketdrive


Please head  over to our facebook page & share, like and post your blankets pic’s in comments.

As we come into winter there are so many families, individuals and homeless people who can’t afford a heater, warmth or even blankets. So...I am doing a random act of kindness challenge for April and I had $20 to we bought 2 blankets to give to those who are in real need of it. It’s our “#blanketdrive”.

I am a big thinker and one blanket isn’t you have any old blankets, they can be big, small, kids blankets, baby blankets that you are no longer using and want to support our “#blanketdrive”? If so comment, like and share and let’s get the community behind this. I’m aiming for over 100 items. Let’s do this!!!

#blanketdrive2018 #toowoombacommunity #helpingthehomeless #givingback #ckpropertymanagement

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